I'm 10 months old now and it's been a VERY long time since Mommy updated my website, so this one should be a good one. I have some new videos and lots of new pictures. I love learning new things all the time. My favorite thing now is to take a ball into the kitchen and throw it, then chase it, then throw it again. It's so much fun. I'm not quite walking yet but I'm getting very close. I can stand on my own for a few minutes at a time, I'm just not sure about taking those first few steps. I have 2 new teeth that came in, both on the top. One front tooth and one other tooth, I don't know the name of it. I had my first cold and an ear infection a couple weeks ago but I'm doing much better now. I visited my Grams and Grampa Lloyd in October and we had so much fun. Grampa Lloyd even bought me this really cool ambulance toy that makes all kinds of cool sounds. In November, I got to go visit my friend Heather and her mommy, Mary in Seattle and also saw mommy's friend Amanda. She was very fun and looked after me for an afternoon. We had a good time and she makes me laugh. I also got to visit my cousin Aidan again too. I like him LOTS! He shares his toys with me. And cousin Aidan has 3 kitties!! I loved them very very much. They made me laugh. OH and I almost forgot! I can say mama and dada and baba and I really like to say OK all the time! It's fun and makes mommy & daddy laugh. And I can now wave bye-bye too. :)

Today I turned 8 months old! I'm having a good old time learning new things every single day. I know my mommy and daddy now, so when they ask "Where's mommy?" or "Where's daddy?" then I know which one to look at. I also love to play games with mommy and daddy when they chase me on the floor and try to tickle me. I also love it when Daddy throws me on the bed and tickles me. It makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. I like to laugh so I do it a lot. It's only when I need something that I whine. Sometimes I have to whine a lot to get what I want and sometimes it doesn't work at all. Oh well...I'll keep working on that one. Till next time.....

I just turned 7 months old a week ago. Boy, time flies! My two bottom teeth FINALLY came in, thank goodness! That was pretty rough! I'm learning and discovering all sorts of new and exciting things. I absolutely LOVE to stand up using anything and everything including stools, trash bags, couches, chairs, mommy & daddy's legs, drawers, pretty much anything. I LOVE cords. Cords of any kind. They make a neat sound when you shake them. But for some reason mommy & daddy always say "NO" to me when I find a cord I like. I don't really understand what that means but before I know it, I've been relocated to another part of the room. I've mastered crawling. That was a cinch. I can get anywhere I want to pretty fast now, even right back to the cords if I want to. I even won a crawling contest at Toys 'R Us a couple weeks ago. We won a $75 gift certificate to a nice photography studio. Oh great! More pictures! My language skills are improving and I can mix up all kinds of sounds and syllables. So far, no one understands me yet though. Except when I say Dada, then mommy and daddy start a war saying "Mommy" "Daddy" "Mommy" "Daddy". I have no idea what they're doing but it definitely makes me laugh!

I'm 6 1/2 months old now and every single day I learn how to do something new. Sometimes I get frustrated because I can't do everything I want to do but I'm learning really fast! I can crawl around on the floor and sit up all by myself. And when I'm laying down I can push myself up into a sitting position which is really fun. It makes me feel more grown up to sit up. I like it much better than laying down. I eat all kinds of foods now like vegetables and fruit and cereal and cookies. Yummy! I like everything pretty much so far though mommy and daddy keep throwing new things at me and sometimes I'm not sure what to make of them right away. I also like to talk all the time and say DADADA a lot! That's my favorite right now. I had SO much fun when I went on our big trip to Halifax and Montreal in July. I got to meet my half-brothers and my cousins and I saw lots and lots of really cool places and things. I went on 3 ferry rides and 6 airplanes. It was so FUN!! Be sure to look at all my new photos and videos! Oh and I'm getting more professional photos done at Sears this week. Hopefully mommy can post them soon. Stay tuned....

I'm 4 months old! Wooohoooo! And I can do all sorts of cool new things, like rolling over and eating cereal and jumping really high in my jolly jumper. I got to visit with my Grams and Grampa Lloyd from California. They brought me cool new toys including my very own security blanket with a doggy face. I like to cuddle with that. And I also met my Mamie and Papie from Montreal. I loved listening to them speak French to me. They were very fun and we went EVERYWHERE with them. I even saw my very first IMAX movie with them. It was about dinosaurs and I loved the first few minutes, but then I got tired and fell asleep. Oh well. I got my first professional pictures taken a couple of days ago and that was really fun! I got to sit in a boat and a bucket. Now in less than a week I get to take my very first plane ride. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes. In the meantime, enjoy all the photos that mommy & daddy took over the last few weeks. There's TONS of them!

My how time flies! I'm 3 1/2 months old and I keep mommy & daddy very busy! I'm getting to be an expert at it. You see, most things really bore me to death, so I like them to challenge themselves to see what they can come up with that won't bore me. I'm getting pretty good at this, that's for sure...hehehe. Guess who's the boss? I can hardly wait till next week. I get to see my Grams!! And then after that I get to see Maman and then I get to see Auntie Lanie and then I get to go to Halifax and Montreal for almost a whole month! Woohooo! I'll be sure and have mommy post pictures of everything when she doesn't have to entertain me. :)

It's the end of April and I'm almost 3 months old. Time goes really fast out here in the real world. I go everywhere with mommy and daddy. I especially like the park and going to the mall where everyone oohs and aahs over me. I go to mommy & baby classes on Thursdays with mommy and we like seeing all the other babies and stuff. I started sleeping for 8 whole hours at a time last week. It's much easier on all of us. But I'm still an early bird and like to get up by 6am. I'm not sure mommy likes that too much. Hope you like my latest pictures. We've been busy.

I'm already six weeks old and I love looking around and can lift my head up all by myself pretty good now. I really like to go out for walks and to the mall. People pay lots of attention to me. And as you can see from this photo I will fall asleep just about anywhere when I'm so tired that I just can't keep my eyes open anymore.

I have learned to smile and mommy & daddy have gone camera happy whenever I decide to flash my dimples. Hope you enjoy the pictures. :)

I was born on Wednesday, February 12, 2003, at 4:11 pm. I weighed 7lbs and was 19" long. As of Friday, the 21st I've already gained almost a pound because I'm a REALLY hungry guy. I like to sleep about 4 hours, then eat and look around awhile, then go back to sleep. I get frustrated sometimes when mommy and daddy don't feed me soon enough but hey I'm a growing guy! Other than that, life is pretty good and I just like to look around and take it all in.

I have daddy's cleft in my chin and mommy's dimples, so I think mommy and daddy are pretty happy about that. I have a little bit of brown hair right now and not much in the way of eyebrows or eyelashes, but hopefully soon.

I met my Grams right after I was born and I'm really looking forward to meeting the rest of my friends and family in the coming months. You'll want to read mommy and daddy's birth stories and look at my photo album.